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Q.  What documents should I bring with me?

A.  We can get you started with just a W2 or 1099, but we typically need the following:

  •  Driver's license or valid ID
  •  All sources of income - W2, 1099, etc
  •  Proof of childcare expenses, if any
  •  Birth certificates or school records for children you are claiming (due to IRS regulations)
  • Mortgage Interest Statement, if any
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (1095A or 1095B)
  • Other documents we discover are needed can be emailed or faxed to us.

Q.  What is earliest my return can be filed with the IRS?

A.  The IRS is starting to accept returns on January 23, 2017.

Q.  How soon can my return be prepared?

A.  As soon as you have received all of your income documents - even if it is before January 23, 2017.

Q.  Is it true the IRS is delaying refunds?

A.  Yes - if you claim the Earned Income Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit.  The IRS will not start to release refunds until February 15, 2017 if you claimed either of these credits.  BUT - ask us about  a NO COST advance on your refund.

Q.  How long will it take for my refund to arrive?

A.  Most people will receive their refund 2-4 weeks after filing their return. Again - ask about a NO COST refund advance option.

Q.  What happens if I owe the IRS money?

A.  We will prepare and file your return and the amount owed will need to be paid to the IRS before April 15th in order to avoid penalties and interest.  MOST IMPORTANT - do not try to avoid the IRS!

Q.  Help! I received a notice from the IRS, what do I do?

A.  Bring in the notice for our experts to review and help you put together a plan to resolve your IRS problem.